Advisory Team

Our advisors can share a wealth of information from experience around the world.


Marcelo Vasconcellos – Biogas

Marcelo Vasconcellos specializes in Biogas production and Organic Waste recovery. He has been responsible for the design and start-up of multiple international biogas projects in the UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Cyprus, South Africa, and Canada – handling waste ranging from 27,000 to 190,000 tons per year. He worked both in independent consulting and as a corporate man for prominent anaerobic digestion companies. He prides himself in bringing together tight and disciplined teams, working towards a common goal, and prioritizing success over personal gains. Marcelo has co-authored the book “Bioenergia”, addressing Ethanol, Biodiesel, Biogas, and charcoal and their co-products. He loves writing, and speaks 6 languages – well.


Dr. Francois Veynandt – Solar Thermal

Francois Veynandt specializes on solar thermal technology, and enjoys promoting open-sourced Linear Fresnel technology. He is currently a project leader and researcher for AEE INTEC in Austria, where he focuses on the development of non-concentrating solar thermal technology and low temperature applications. He is also a co-founder of  Compadre – an organization in Peru that empowers local coffee growers with the ability to solar-roast their own beans. And, he has published multiple articles, including: Design Optimization of  a Solar Power Plant based on Linear Fresnel Reflector, and Cocoa Roasting in Peru using Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy. Francois likes open-source solar technology so much that he would like to share his open-source publications on solar roasters and solar concentrators.


Xavier Gillard – Building Efficiency

Xavier specializes in energy and environmental design for high-performance buildings. Not only does he optimize modern buildings with state of the art energy management systems, but he has also worked on naturally ventilated buildings on the French tropical island of Reunion. Xavier spent time in Nepal with a NGO, setting up the instrumentation and monitoring for PV and micro-hydro systems that serve the poorest communities.


Petros Paterakis – Wind Energy

Petros specializes in the Performance Analysis of large wind parks, but he is also worked on the development of the small wind turbine industry in Greece. With one of the largest energy utilities in the world – serving 30 countries and 33 million users – Petros evaluates new wind technologies and practices, and integrates them into both new and existing wind projects. His goal is to reduce the Levelized Cost of Electricity for large wind projects. When not optimizing multi-million dollar wind parks he can be found wind surfing between the islands of his home country, Greece.


Dr. Burak Turker – Energy Storage

Burak Türker specializes in energy storage systems. He has researched the use of Lithium Ion and Flow Battery technologies for electric transport and stationary applications, and he has furthered the integration of wind energy to the grid by using both battery and hydrogen storage technology. His publications include: Utilizing a vanadium redox flow battery to avoid wind power deviation penalties in an electricity market, and the Importance of Utilizing Local Energy Resources for Electricity Generation. Burak is currently a Solution Engineer at Younicos AG, which specializes in the design and maintenance of large-scale energy storage systems. Even when he’s on holiday in any corner of the world, Burak will sideline his vacation for a local “green” event -attending presentations, seminars, and exchanging information with other enthusiasts.


Antonio Antonopolis – PV Solar and Financing

Antonio specializes in the development and finance of PV Solar projects, from commercial rooftop to utility-scale.  Antonio was involved in the development, contracting and finance of the largest PV plant in Canada – the 130 MWp Grand Renewables Solar Project. He has participated in projects in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He not only specializes in PV technology, but is also experienced in Solar Thermal, Wind, and Biomass. Antonio is currently engaged in all things Argentinian – from the local solar market to tango.