Weltec Biopower  GmbH

Weltec Biopower GmbH is the world market leader for stainless steel Biogas Plants.  Based in Vechta, Germany, Weltec collaborates with Infinity Biopower, in order to bring Top Quality Biogas Plants to the United States.


Fosera LogoFosera GmbH

Fosera GmbH was founded by German experts in the field of rural photovoltaic applications.  Built on this experience, Fosera creates personal solar power devices and solar streetlights, designed for real and rugged applications in developing countries.  Infinity Biopower is coordinating the introduction of these high-quality units to the American market.


light mfg logoLightManufacturing LLC

LightManufacturing LLC produces revolutionary high-quality heliostats, which can be easily installed and used by anyone to harness free solar energy as long as the sun shines.  Infinity Biopower will help you design your unique solar concentrating project around the LightManufacturing Heliostat, which cost only a fraction of traditional heliostats.